Beam racking load-bearing beam selection is very important

Tray shelves (or called metal tray storage shelves) use high-quality cold-rolled steel plates for raw materials, using high-quality sheet metal bending, punching machines, electric welding welding, painting and other manufacturing processes, smooth and easy, and well-loaded coverage , Convenient, convenient, high and ability to trust.


Composed of vertical slices, load beam, safety pin, spacer, protective measures, coupling rod, corridor gap, etc., the model specifications are available, can be used according to the weight of the customer, the tray size, the total area can be used, and the electric forklift is improved.


The load bearing beam of the heavy shelves is a key basic work in the warehouse shelf design. Because the structure of the load beam is very complicated, the whole process is more complicated, and the calculation is more complicated. It is very easy to cause the incorrect measurement of the calculation, causing the compressive strength or bending stiffness of the warehouse shelf, there is a safety risk to the warehouse shelf. Even leading to a safe production accident; or the pressure strength, the capacity of the bending strength is too large, and the manufacturing cost of the warehouse shelf is improved, and the competitiveness of goods is desirably competitive. Thus, the use of load bearing beams into a warehouse shelf design plan.