How to purchase shelf

1. Whether to pay attention to the application of new environmentally friendly materials

When choosing and purchasing a shelf, the first thing to consider is that its raw material is a new environmental protection material, which is the most important. It must be selected without indoor formaldehyde raw materials, such as acrylate raw materials, and red oak raw materials are new environmentally friendly materials, others are not new environmentally friendly materials, they will release hazardous harmful deals such as benzene or indoor formaldehyde.


2. Shelf is not corrosion

Because chain convenience stores are traffic, consumers often touch the warehouse Rack, such as the sweat will have a certain harm to the shelves, so everyone must choose the rust-proof treatment and corrosionable shelves to enhance its use. period.


3. Pay attention to the raw materials and loads

The key to the shelf is to pay attention to its structure is scientific research. Is the raw material that is in accordance with the national industry standards, using raw materials, strong carrying capacity, strong safety, high cost performance, durable storage shelf raw materials, and more make sure.