How to adjust the storage site of the goods

1. Stability: The stability of the tray shelf itself is mainly the stability of the tie, the reliability of the vertical rod and the load bearing beam.


2. The comparative use is generally used in order to connect with the vertical rod according to the welding welding column card in the load beam. Today, more common column cards have fallen eight-word holes, pansies, ladder holes and prismatic holes. The stability of each column card is moderately selected according to customer love.


3. Stability of the warehousing shelves and the ground. The storage shelves and the reliability on the ground are used in the tray shelves. The tray shelf is very prone to the risk of being in a risp of the tray shelf. Therefore, it is necessary to fix it. There is a hole in the bottom of the pallet of the pallet shelf, which is based on the foot slices in this area, and the expansion screw is applied to the ground.


4. Assume that the high and grewmost ratio of the storage shelves reach the inevitable aspect ratio, and can apply the pair to the wall, which can improve the stability of the storage shelves and the storage shelves. In some natural environments requiring electric forklifts, the machine equipment is also required to protect the shelf or guardrail to avoid the warehouse shelf caused by the boiling electric forklift.