What is boltless shelf ?
boltless rack parts Manufacturer:Bolt shelves are a shelf type, usually assembled with independent devices, non-nuts and bolt fasteners. The design philosophy of non-bolt shelf system is to provide a shelf device that is easy to adjust and quickly assemble. A variety of types of non-bolt modular shelves can be provided, many different designs in assembly and basic structures, some of which provide intensity to the overall structure with hardware and assembly methods, and simply secure the components. One of the most common bolt shelf types in Worker is a shelf made from a large-specific welded wire. At each corner of the shelf, a vertical metal cylinder welded on the shelf structure. The leg of this device passes through these cylinders. Many restaurants, shops, garages and warehouses have metal frame. It is suitable for light to medium-sized goods, but it is not suitable for supporting a very heavy load. The frame of the shelving device is the leg, the weight of the support device itself and anything stored above. The legs are rugged metal rods, usually hollow, but with thick-walled types for strength. Every certain interval, there is a groove on these rods, which serves as an anchor of the plastic clip, and the circumference of the entire reinforcement is circulated around each shelf. The bottom of the clip is slightly thicker than the top, so when the shelf is placed above, the weight of the shelf locks the clip in the appropriate position, and therefore, when the clip supports the shelf, the leg does not slide. Simply move the clip and replace the shelf to easily adjust the shelf. Many other types of non-bolt shelves use other assembly methods and use other shelves, some of the vertical brackets with grooves, which are equipped with metal clips, can support particleboard, plywood, metal or full grain wood shelf. These shelves provide stability to the equipment to prevent swinging and distortion. Some types of screw shelves are pre-assembled, consisting of welding or riveting components. Wall-mounted non-bolt shelves with metal tracks, using cantilevered shelf support to fix the shelf. According to human beings, other types of non-bolt shelves are also possible, such as simple gardens or greenhouse shelves, built by a bunch of concrete blocks, paved with wooden boards as shelves.