Talking about the development history of Storage rack

Storage rack have always existed in people’s daily lives, but the term "Storage rack" has emerged in recent years. In what form does Storage rack exist? They exist in medicine cabinets, granaries, ice cellars, and cellars. . The development of storage racks has had various manifestations, such as warehouses, yards, cabinets, boxes and so on.


Regarding the development of Storage rack, in fact, the development of storage shelves industry in our country has gone through a long period of time. During this period of time, Storage rack have also moved step by step from the previous traditional Storage rack to a more intelligent direction. develop.


The following conditions are the factors that promote the development of my country's storage shelf industry:


1. Introduction of technology


As foreign businessmen have brought storage racking technology, my country's mainland China has continuously changed and opened up policies to absorb foreign businessmen to invest in China to build factories, increase capital and expand capacity, resulting in continuous expansion of the demand for storage racks. Started to have storage racking companies to cultivate local storage racking technicians and storage racking sales personnel.


2. Industry demand


After my country joined the WTO, all walks of life need to integrate with foreign countries. Such as: national regulations stop GMP certification in the pharmaceutical industry, GMP certification is to standardize warehouse management, and rationally use storage shelves and pallets


Waiting for warehouse supporting equipment, this is also to better ensure the efficiency of work. Many industries recognize that the third source of profits for enterprises is warehousing and logistics.


3. Advancement of technology


Many companies need the cooperation of hardware equipment in the implementation of informatization. The rise of automated flat warehouses is the comprehensive application of warehouse management software and logistics equipment such as storage shelves, pallets, and forklifts.