What should be paid attention to when installing warehouse shelves?

Before installation work, you should be familiar with the drawings and prepare construction plans for unique or complex installations. Grasp the traffic road and switching power supply situation at the installation site. The on-site roofing and internal painting works should be basically completed, the relevant foundation floors and trenches should have been completed, and the concrete strength should not exceed 75% of the design strength; the installation site and nearby debris, garbage, etc., should be cleaned. Let's take a look at what matters should be paid attention to when installing warehouse shelves.


When assembling warehouse shelves, the parts should be calibrated one by one and the size of the parts should be checked. Delimit the scope of construction according to the plan and the axis, sidelines, and elevation lines of the relevant buildings. Determine the position of the reference line and draw a line based on this reference line.


According to the height and weight of the column, manual (pulley, etc.), mechanical (car crane, etc.) and provide a certain number of beams to form a stable structure. After the installation is complete, arrange the number of columns, check the orientation and size according to the drawings, and make preliminary adjustments to the elevation and vertical and horizontal directions. If there are other accessories, they will be installed one by one, so that all the data meet the standard, and then installed row by row.


Adjust the entire warehouse shelf horizontally and vertically until it meets the standard. Test the deflection under the beam. For those with stackers or forklifts, a trial run of alignment should be carried out. All fasteners should be tightened, and bolts should leak out of the nut with a pitch of 2-4. After the countersunk screw is tightened, the countersunk screw should be buried in the component and shall not be exposed.