These are the key points for custom attic shelves!

Nowadays, many warehouses in Taiwan do not have a large floor space, but the floors are relatively high. At this time, you can use the attic shelf platform to double the space utilization rate, make full use of the space, and develop upward. It is also inevitable that the cost of renting warehouses has been greatly saved. The following is about custom attic shelves. These are the key points!


The warehouse area is not large, so we have to develop higher. The firm balance of the attic shelf platform is very important. Considering the safety, in order to improve the safety factor, all the materials used in the attic must be strong and durable, because in the design, In the process of construction, installation and use, there may be many uncertain factors. Analysis of the structural system of the shelf can better create its stability. Loft-style shelves form two to three storeys of storage space, which is suitable for a wide variety of storage methods with a relatively large number.


The process problem of the attic shelf platform. Once the forming is completed, the attic platform should be treated with rust removal, phosphating, passivation, high temperature resistance and electrostatic painting. If the goods have special requirements for the environment, the attic shelf platform should also be processed accordingly. The treatment plan to meet the actual use requirements. For example, cold-rolled steel attic shelves can also be used in cold storage, but special powder spraying for cold storage must be used during the painting process, so that cold-rolled steel will not rust when cold-rolled steel is used, because cold-rolled steel is used in cold-rolled workshops The cost is much lower than stainless steel.


Attic Shelves


Customized loft platforms should find experienced companies or manufacturers, who can build more reasonable and standardized warehouse shelves according to customer expectations. And the quality and stability are more guaranteed. This kind of customized service also requires perfect after-sales service tracking. Formal enterprises also have greater advantages in this regard, which can lay a good foundation for long-term cooperation in the future. When problems arise and need to be maintained, they can also make corresponding measures at any time. solution.


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