How to extend the shelf life of storage racks?

No matter what product it is, it always has a certain life span, and storage rack are no exception. The better the shelf material you choose, the longer the service life. If used properly, the shelf life of the storage shelf can be prolonged. Under normal circumstances, the shelf can be used in the correct way, coupled with regular maintenance, and the storage shelf can be used for decades. So how to extend the service life of storage shelves?


1. Apply the maintenance paint regularly to remove the rust. Do daily inspections and regularly check whether any screws are loose. If so, fix them in time, ventilate them in time, and insist that the warehouse is not too wet.


2. It is best to add curtains to the shelf by the window to avoid excessive direct sunlight. Keep the shelf dry before putting it on the shelf, avoid water on the shelf layer, and keep it ventilated.


3. A set of anti-collision pillars are provided according to different shelves, aisle widths and types of goods to be transported, and anti-collision guardrails are placed in the direction of the aisle.


4. The weight of the goods placed on the shelf must be within the load-bearing range of the shelf. The storeroom clerk makes a mark of the load on the shelf. Should follow the principle of the bottom weight of the shelf, that is, the bottom weight is lighter, and the bottom weight is lighter.


5. Heavy-duty shelves and high-rise shelves must be equipped with push-up trucks. The use and operation of push-up trucks must be operated by certified professionals. Most of the collision deformation of the warehouse column is caused by the use of the pusher truck by non-designated personnel.


6. Standardize the shelf use system. Different storage rooms, different shelves, and the shelves of each storage room have different convenience methods. The warehouse manager must formulate a warehouse use system so that every warehouse user can learn and abide by it, that is to achieve our goal.