The style of the loft platform warehouse shelf

There are many types of warehouse shelves, and each type will also have subdivided styles. For example, mold shelves are divided into drawer-type mold racks and beam-type mold racks to meet the storage needs of different customers. What storage types are available for different styles? Features, let's take a look at the content of the style of the loft platform, welcome everyone to read!


attic shelves, shelf platforms, and platform shelves can all become Dongguan attic platform shelves, all of which are multi-storey storage shelves, generally designed with 2-3 floors. The attic shelf referred to in the industry refers to the type with shelves upstairs and downstairs. Platform shelves refer to pure platforms. Shelves platform refers to the style with shelves downstairs and platforms upstairs.


Attic shelves are multi-storey shelves, generally designed with 2-3 floors. There are many structural styles. You can design shelves upstairs and downstairs, you can also design shelves downstairs, and the upstairs is a platform, and you can also design a pure platform style.


The loft platform shelves that customers understand include the several types mentioned above. Pure platform shelves have no requirements for the specifications of the goods. For example, large-sized goods with irregular shapes are suitable for storage on platform shelves.


attic shelves are suitable for storing small and light goods, and the load-bearing capacity is light. When customizing shelves, we must provide specific requirements to the storage shelf manufacturer and choose the appropriate loft platform shelf type.