What are the commonly used laminates for heavy-duty shelves?

The common heavy-duty racks in warehouses are quickly stored with the help of pallets, so there are generally no laminates on the components of heavy-duty racks, but there are exceptions to everything. Sometimes heavy-duty racks also use laminates when storing, so Dongguan heavy-duty racks What kinds of commonly used laminates are there?


1. Steel laminate is a widely used type of laminate frame. Its appearance is beautiful, the surface is wear-resistant, and there are reinforcing ribs under the board. A common layer is divided into 2,3 small versions.


2. Wood laminate hope that customers can choose simple and practical wood laminate shelves. The materials of wood laminate include high-density plywood, particle board and density board. You can choose whether to apply surface plastic. image.


3. For customers who have special requirements for steel layer nets, such as considering product ventilation, ventilation, beauty, etc., it is recommended to use steel layer netting shelves. Adapt to different carrying requirements.


Most general laminates are wood laminates. Wood laminates are cheaper than steel plates. For products with special needs, you can choose nets or plates and the number of ribs according to the different load-bearing capacity. juh hwa specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of various adjustable and assembled storage shelves, through-type shelves, mobile shelves, gravity-type shelves and storage of materials and appliances. From warehouse planning, product selection, to solving warehouse material storage, handling and management problems for customers. The product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, easy disassembly and assembly, arbitrary combination, large carrying capacity, full use of space area, improved storage capacity, and durability. The material is made of cold rolled special-shaped steel produced by Baosteel, with a high installation coefficient, and can be designed and customized according to customer requirements.




The use of heavy-duty shelves should follow the rules of cargo storage, so that high-rise shelves are light and low-layer heavy, that is, the principle of heavy shelves from top to bottom, from light to heavy, to prevent the phenomenon of top-heavy, lest the heavy-duty shelves lose balance and cause safety hazards .


Each type of heavy-duty rack has a certain load-bearing standard. When actually placing goods, do not exceed the load-bearing capacity of the heavy-duty rack to prevent abnormal conditions such as deformation of the heavy-duty rack due to too much load.