What are the precautions for laminate shelves?

Laminate shelves are generally made of steel materials, which have a certain load-bearing capacity and can withstand the pressure of the goods. The shelf rack is composed of columns, beams, and laminates. The correct and reasonable use of the shelf rack and the necessary maintenance can reduce the damage of the shelf and save costs. Frequent maintenance can extend the shelf life and save a lot of money. cost. Next, let's take a look at what are the precautions for laminate shelves.


1. The storage of goods should not exceed the designed carrying capacity. The carrying capacity of each section of the shelf is well designed. When choosing the shelf, you should choose different shelf carrying capacity according to your actual situation;


2. The size of the shelf should not exceed the size of the shelf as much as possible, and the size of the shelf should be less than the internal size of the 10cm shelf;


3. When picking up the goods, try to handle them gently;


4, avoid "top-heavy", put heavy goods on the bottom as much as possible, and light goods on the upper layer;


5. Avoid collision and damage to other loading and unloading equipment;


6. Avoid excessive sunlight, ventilate the shelves reasonably, keep the warehouse not excessively humid, prevent wet goods from being stacked on the shelves, and drain and dehumidify as much as possible.