Nail-free screws are recommended by many people. Is it really convenient to use?

The bonding ability is super strong, after drying, it must surpass the fixing strength of the iron nail. In the production of cabinets, after using the nail-free glue, there will be no looseness and shaking between the metal parts and the wooden structure, and between the wooden materials and the materials. It is firm and safe, and the quality is guaranteed. Like the glass glue construction process, the glue should be covered on the entire construction surface, and the nail-free glue only needs a few points. The amount is small, the construction time is short, the material cost is saved, and the cost is relatively reduced. The actual cost of nail-free glue is significantly lower.


No drilling, no nail holes, no damage to the substrate, convenient operation, time-saving functions, to ensure that no nails are used for a few years, and it will be aged. Use your fingers to scrape the dust off a little bit or turn to the hole to install rest assured Bijing Hydropower The installation has drawings and dimensions, so it won't be hit. Don't finish the decoration. The drawings or photos will disappear. The work process is only when the mirror is installed on the first floor. Wife called and forgot to install the base point, and used it to replace the expansion screw. Make installation seamless and simple. In the era of home life with my own personality, convenience cannot be ignored. You can freely disassemble and install, and no longer let installation be a project. Not completely fixed and broke. At present, it is no worse than nails. Of course, heavier things are still nails! Fast and perfect, reducing the tedious construction process of drilling and smashing nails, effectively improving work efficiency and saving construction costs.


I especially like to decorate my dormitory wall that is less than 3 square meters. The antifungal agents for Batman, Spiderman, wood engraving, and calligraphy have a significant effect on inhibiting the growth of fungi. The modified formula does not contain benzene and formaldehyde and conforms to the green of modern society. The demand for environmental protection has been filled, the amount is small, the construction time is short, the material cost is saved, and the cost is relatively reduced. The nail-free adhesive after sub-curing will not age due to the migration of time, so its strength is permanent. , All kinds of decorative objects, the school did not allow nails to be hit, and the double-sided tape was not strong enough. After searching for a long time, I finally found a friend.