Customized storage shelves and storage matters

In recent years, with the purpose of accelerating commodity circulation and creating economies of scale, integrating various functions such as loading and unloading, sorting, processing, packaging, storage, and distribution, large-scale warehouse and shelf logistics and distribution buildings have continued to appear. This type of building is different from Production or storage buildings with a single function


What factors should be considered when ordering storage shelves?


1. The structure of the warehouse and the design of storage shelves should consider the effective height of the warehouse, the position of the beams, the pressure resistance of the ground, and so on.


2. The size of the goods The shape and size of the stored goods directly determine the selection of the shelf specifications, and the weight of the stored goods directly determines the strength of the storage shelf to choose.


3. Storage shelves with different storage rates have different storage rates. There are many reasons that affect the storage rate of storage shelves, such as the specifications of the goods, the storage method, the weight of the goods, the height of the warehouse, and so on. If the height of the warehouse is not less than 4 meters, then you can choose to use loft-style shelves.


4. Storage method. When designing storage shelves, the storage and retrieval of goods should also be considered. At present, there are generally only two kinds of storage and retrieval of goods, manual storage or storage with machinery. If you use a forklift to access, you must also consider the size of the passage, because a forklift is generally used to access the goods. The higher the forklift rises, the larger the turning radius will be.


5. The amount of goods in and out of the warehouse is one of the factors that must be considered when designing the storage shelf, the sequence of goods in and out, the frequency of access and the quantity of goods.


What matters should be paid attention to when storing goods on storage shelves?


 1. When placing storage shelves, consider the convenience of goods movement. In order to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods, place them facing the aisle, which can also prevent damage to the shelves and items due to poor loading and unloading. If the storage shelf needs to be moved back and forth, it is recommended to choose a shelf with pulleys.


2. Pay attention to the classification of goods when placing goods. Storage shelves can be classified by region or by level. Goods cannot be placed at will. First, it affects the turnover efficiency. Second, the random stacking of different types of storage shelves is easy to affect each other. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a regional plan to improve storage efficiency.


3. Different types of storage shelves have a certain load-bearing capacity. Exceeding the load-bearing capacity is prone to safety hazards. Therefore, the amount of goods placed on the storage shelves must be within the load-bearing capacity of the shelf. The warehouse manager should set the load-bearing limit on the shelves. The label should follow the principle of heavier weight on the bottom of the shelf, that is, put heavy objects on the bottom of the shelf and light objects on the upper layer.


4. If the goods are not used frequently, place them up as much as possible, and place the goods that are frequently in and out more frequently. For valuable goods, it is recommended to put them on the shelves inside. Broken and easily aging goods should be placed on the front and underneath, with a date symbol as a reminder.