Daily maintenance methods of light shelves and how to place goods

Cleaning is a very important job, because warehouse cleaning is generally placed in the warehouse, and the warehouses of some units are rarely visited by people. Only when I need something, I hurriedly fetch it, and then hurriedly left. Therefore, almost no one came to clean up the horse. Frequent cleaning will extend its service life. It does not need to be cleaned with water, as long as there is no dust on it. So next, I will introduce the daily maintenance methods of light-duty shelves and how to place the goods.


1. Set up anti-collision device


Set up a set of anti-collision pillars according to different shelves, aisle widths and transportation vehicles. Place the anti-collision guardrail in the channel position.


2. Regulations on the shelf use system


Different warehouses have different goods, and each warehouse has different convenience methods. The library management must establish a set of management system, so that every library staff can learn and abide by, is the way to achieve the goal.


3. Propellers equipped with power propellers


Heavy-duty or high-rise warehouses must be equipped with push-up trucks, and the use and operation of push-up trucks must only be operated by authorized personnel. Almost all the spears of the warehouse racks were hit and deformed due to the use of pusher trucks by non-designated personnel.


How to place the goods:


If the crossbeam is deformed during the loading process of the warehouse shelf, the goods should be taken out in time, and the new crossbeam of the same specification should be replaced in time. When the beam is deformed and bent, the beam should not be used in theory.


Through-shelves have a higher access density, but the access method is single, generally using first-in first-out, and some use first-in first-out. Therefore, when storing goods through the shelf inventory, the time for taking out the goods should be fully considered to avoid wasting time. Cantilever racks are mostly long round tubular items, such as metal, wood, etc., so care should be taken when using cantilever racks, otherwise the storage capacity of cantilever racks will be wasted.


In fact, shelf placement rules are rarely adopted. In practice, violations should be avoided as much as possible. This will not only ensure the safety of shelf use, but also extend the shelf life.