Cognition of heavy-duty shelves and purchase precautions

Heavy-duty shelves are also an indispensable tool in our warehouse. It is recommended to place the goods regularly to facilitate our storage of goods. Let's take a look at the cognition of Dongguan's heavy-duty shelves and the problems to be paid attention to when buying. Welcome to read!


Heavy-duty racks are actually one of the most widely used rack types in warehouses. This kind of heavy-duty warehouse racking mainly cooperates with forklift operation, and can use pallets to store and store goods. This kind of heavy-duty rack is actually one of the most cost-effective among all racks, and the requirements for operators are not high, so many companies are using heavy-duty racks. It uses heavy-duty shelves as storage carriers and is also an important turnover link in logistics. Its quality is important. Some small shelf companies have adopted the method of sacrificing shelf safety to improve market competitiveness. In fact, it is extremely irresponsible to customers and myself. Such heavy-duty racks are generally designed according to the size of the pallet or the size of the goods. Usually, the goods are stored on the shelves after being assembled by pallets, storage cages and other unit container equipment. Its load per unit is generally within 400kg, and each layer usually has two units.


So what issues should be paid attention to when purchasing?


1. When choosing the appropriate shelf type, you should choose the appropriate shelf form according to the specifications and characteristics of your goods to improve the utilization rate of the shelf and the efficiency of the warehouse.


2. Pay attention to the construction cycle of the shelf. Most of the shelves are customized. Customers need to reserve design, production, transportation and installation time when purchasing.


3. Pay attention to the conditions on the shelf. Many projects now require shelves to be installed on site while the civil works are still under construction. In fact, when the installation conditions are not met, the shelves need to enter the site for construction, which often leads to the uncontrollable shelf construction cycle and the shelf construction quality cannot be guaranteed.


4. When choosing high-quality products, users often think that the shelf is relatively simple, and the shelf should be free of steel problems, so when choosing, they often consider the price to be cheaper. In fact, steel also has a certain strength limit, and shelves that exceed the limit will still collapse. There are many accidents of shelf quality problems, so don't be greedy for cheap.


In fact, the heavy-duty shelf  the heavy-duty shelf in Dongguan. This kind of heavy-duty shelf is actually a kind of shelf that is widely used, with a load-bearing capacity of more than 500Kg per layer. This is how it got its name. It has good picking efficiency and can store heavier items, but the storage density is low. This kind of heavy-duty racking is also called pallet racking. It has the characteristics of large carrying capacity, wide range of height adaptability, high mechanical access and selection efficiency, but general space utilization. It can be widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers and other fields. It is not only suitable for multi-variety and small-batch items, but also for small-variety and large-batch items. This kind of rack is widely used in high-position warehouses and super high-position warehouses (the racks in automated warehouses are mostly used for such racks). This is actually one of the commonly used and widely used shelves, which can be applied to most warehouses or product goods. This kind of handling machinery, such as forklifts, can reach any cargo location for storage operations, and it can also quickly store operations!