What is the design principles and features of warehouse Rack? -parts Manufacturer

Now that the operating costs of warehouses continue to rise, companies are trying to store more goods in a limited warehouse area. warehouse Rack parts Manufacturer require warehouses to have higher carrying capacity. The carrying capacity of a warehouse lies not only in warehouse shelves, but also in factors such as the land stored in the warehouse and the products stored in the warehouse. Therefore, there are many factors that need to be considered when designing warehouse shelves. What are the design principles and characteristics of warehouse shelves?


1. Consider the volume of the warehouse, the volume, weight and size of the goods, whether the forklift is convenient for loading and unloading, whether the impact of the forklift will damage the shelves, and the shock resistance.


2. Consider whether there is enough space between the goods on the warehouse shelf, whether there is a fire passage, and whether the operation of the management personnel is convenient and labor-saving.


3. What kind of steel is used, and how to perform anti-rust treatment on the surface. Whether to reduce the cost and cost of the shelf while ensuring that the shelf meets the demand.

4. The use requirements of the shelves, the nature of the loading, whether they can meet all the requirements for storing goods, whether the assembly is convenient and fast, whether the goods are easy to load and unload, whether the size and clearance of the shelves can meet the needs of the warehouse.


5. Whether the pressure resistance, fire resistance and impact resistance of the shelf meet the existing conditions of the warehouse, consider the locking device of the shelf according to the type of goods stored, such as bolt locking or screw fastening, and whether it is convenient and quick if damaged replace.


6. The four corners of the shelf column should be fixed on the concrete foundation. The shelves and the ground should use embedded parts, or use chemical bolts to fix them on the ground. This is designed for warehouse Rack, because warehouse Rack carry a large load, so fixing them on the ground helps to keep the shelves stable and prevent them from tilting. In addition, it helps prevent earthquakes, and at the same time, it can cope with the impact of loading and unloading machinery on shelves.


7. According to the type of goods, set up eye-catching signs on the shelves to facilitate the staff to check and fill vacancies. The area of ​​each label should not be less than 20cm2, and the clarity and color of the font should be set according to the large unit load. The large load mark (KG) of each floor, the allowable large load, the unit load allowed to be stored in each cargo hold, etc.