What are the "six preventions" in the installation and use of heavy shelves

What are the problems in the installation of heavy-duty racks? What are the "six defenses" in the use of heavy-duty shelves? The following editor will take you to understand.


What are the problems in the installation of heavy shelves


1. The various measurement verification and inspection equipment, instruments, instrument panels and machinery and equipment selected by the shelf meet the requirements of the standard measurement verification.


2. The decoration concealment project before installation of the shelf needs to be tested before the project is concealed, and the construction can be carried out again after reaching the standard.


3. General installation and engineering acceptance of shelves, request shelves, increase economic benefits, formulate this standard.


4. The shelf installation should be constructed according to the drawings. If any non-conformities are found during the construction of the project, it must be clearly stated and the construction can only be carried out after the approval of the change.


5. Self-inspection should be carried out during shelf installation.


What are the "six preventions" of heavy-duty racks in use


1. Prevent top-heavy. When using, we must adhere to the principle of "light goods at the top and heavy goods at the bottom".


2. Prevent overloading. It is required that the weight of each layer does not exceed the carrying capacity of the heavy-duty rack.


3. Prevent impact. During operation, the forklift should be handled with care as much as possible to avoid collision with the shelf.


4. Prevent standing people. When there are goods on the top of the shelf, the operator should not directly enter the bottom of the shelf to prevent the goods from accidentally slipping and hurting people.


5. Prevent the use of non-standard items. Non-standard floor boards, pallets, etc. cannot be used on heavy-duty shelves.


6. Prevent the safety pin from falling off. If the safety pin falls off during use, the beam will fall off, or the installation will not be in place, the shelf will be damaged or people will be injured.