Why can pallet racks be enjoyed like this?

Although many companies now regard comprehensive storage equipment such as three-dimensional warehouses with automated technology as their top priority in warehousing and logistics, traditional storage equipment such as pallet racks still has its own advantages. Large sales market interior space. What are their advantages and characteristics?


Feature one, simple and powerful. Whether it is a general aspect ratio or a low-level pallet rack, they adhere to the characteristics of simple wire frame and simple composition in the structure. According to the composition of the main frame and the auxiliary frame of the load-bearing beam and the vertical pole, a very good distributed storage can be achieved. If it is not very regulated, most people can assemble pallet racks. If the layers are short, they can be adjusted. To expand the storage range, it can be formed again.


Feature two, extremely high utilization rate of indoor space. The pallet racks store all heavy and finished goods, which are released or taken out, all based on the handling of mechanical equipment such as electric forklifts. The opportunities for manual services are greatly reduced, ensuring high efficiency. In addition, pallet racks can carry out practical operations in multiple directions, and the indoor space utilization rate is basically 100%.


Feature three, strong load-carrying features can store most of the heavy cargo. Their load-carrying energy consumption levels are very good, which gives them built-in dissemination. With a load range of 500~3000KG, it can be considered that most of the goods must be stored on storage shelves. This is one of the reasons for the origin of the name of the pallet rack.