The advantages of bolted ball joints and five precautions for the processing of grid bolted balls

The advantage of the bolt ball joint: The bolt ball is composed of steel balls, high-strength bolts, fastening bolts, sleeves, cones or sealing plates. It has multiple holes with inner wires on one ball to connect multiple The rod is at one point, mainly used in the grid structure, and plays the role of connecting the rod and the rod. Bolt balls are widely used in tubingless downhole oil production devices, tubing gauges and other fields. They have the characteristics of small nodes, light weight, wide application range, and convenient use.


Bolt ball processing has many advantages such as fast construction speed, good integrity, stable structure, large space rigidity, and effective use of space. It is favored by major construction industries. Staff should pay attention to the processed materials when processing grid bolt balls. As well as the requirements of production, there will be certain differences in the size of the sphere or the size of the hole required for different parts of the bolt ball, so you must pay attention to it when processing, and also pay attention to the burrs and cracks produced during the processing .


In the process of processing the bolt ball of the net frame, precautions are inevitable. The five precautions for the processing of the bolt ball of the net frame are to improve the safety of the bolt ball net frame.


1. The quality and specifications of the materials required for bolt ball processing should meet the quality requirements specified in the standards and design documents.


2. The technical personnel should review the construction drawings, refine the node structure, and design the processing details of the project according to the drawings.


3. Before cutting the grid steel, the cutting area must be carefully cleaned to remove impurities such as rust, oil, and splashes on the edges.


4. When setting out and measuring the bolt ball processing, the welding shrinkage required for production and installation and the processing margin for cutting, edge planing and milling are reserved according to the process requirements.


5. There should be no cracks and missing edges larger than 1.0mm on the fracture of the bolt ball processing, and the burrs around the welding seam should be cleaned up.