Installation skills and steps of warehouse Rack

Storage racks are widely used in industrial warehouses, paying more attention to upward development, making full use of storage space, and the height can reach more than 40 meters. The installation of storage racks directly affects the later use effect and safety. Today, Dongguan rack manufacturers will come to tell you about the installation skills and steps of storage racks.


1. Shelf installation shall be constructed on request. If it is found that the site or design does not meet the requirements during the construction process, it shall be submitted in time, and construction can only be carried out after approval of the change.


2. The various measuring and testing equipment, instruments, meters and equipment used in the installation shall comply with the current measurement regulations, and their accuracy level shall not be lower than the accuracy level required by the installation.


3. Self-inspection should be carried out during installation.


4. In addition to the implementation of the shelf installation and construction in accordance with this code, it should also comply with the (industry) current standards and regulations. Installation techniques and procedures for warehouse shelves.


1. Before installing the warehouse shelves, we separate the main components and accessories according to their types, and then pick out the pillars of the shelf (4 are relatively long); after picking out the pillars, take out the triangular pieces (16 pieces) that need to be fixed at both ends.


2. Install a triangular piece at both ends of each pillar, and the corner pieces are facing upward at right angles. The triangle at the bottom should go up a bit, leaving the distance between the lower floor and the ground. After the triangle is fixed, start to install the shelf.


3. First fix the top and bottom two boards. Install the upper board first, and then install the lower board. (Shelf factory: Before the shelf is installed, don't screw it too tightly, otherwise the shelf will be uneven.


4. After the first and last two-layer boards are installed, one column of the whole shelf is installed, and then the other layers are installed on the same or different layer spacing according to personal needs, and the screws do not need to be tightened too tightly. After determining the position of the laminate, turn over the lying shelf and fix the column on the other side of the shelf. Note: When installing the other two columns, pay special attention to the spacing of the laminates, otherwise it will cause the laminates to be unbalanced, which will lead to unbalanced shelves in Shenzhen. It is recommended to count the number of holes between the laminates on one side of the installed column to determine the interval between the laminates)


5. After fixing the remaining columns, stand up the entire storage shelf and place it on a flat ground (a corner is recommended), correct the stability of the shelf, and then reinforce all screws with a screwdriver.