What are the types of shelves? Classification and type analysis of warehouse Rack

warehouse Rack are indispensable machinery and equipment for storing goods. In order to consider the diversified requirements of different customers,warehouse Rack have several different structures and types. Then, what are the types of shelves? The net editor is here today to introduce the classification and type analysis of storage shelves in detail for everyone.


1. Classification of warehouse Rack


1) Classified by storage method: manual service storage storage rack, electric forklift storage storage rack, automated technology storage storage rack.


2) Classified according to load capacity: medium-sized racks, medium-sized storage racks, and pallet racks.


3) Classified according to structural composition: pallet racks, telescopic storage racks, attic racks, cantilever racks, etc.


2. Types of shelves


1) Pallet racking: Pallet racking is a kind of storage rack that is more common in the application field. It has simple structure and large load capacity. The goods on the storage rack are 100% pickable and save time and effort for storage. Such as household appliances, furniture, small cars and other manufacturing industries are all used.


2) Telescopic storage racks: Telescopic storage racks are composed of load-bearing beams, vertical poles, movable pulleys, telescopic multilayer boards, Hulus and slide rails. Roller rails are set at the bottom of the telescopic multilayer boards. It can be driven at will and is suitable for storing various mold objects.


3) Attic shelves: Attic shelves use small and medium-sized or ultra-heavy shelf storage shelves as the support point of the main body, and add floor control panels. The completed second and third floor partitions can save land and use the height-to-width ratio of the warehouse flexibly. Increase the storage capacity for storage of medium, light, medium and large items.


4) Cantilevered shelf: Cantilevered shelf is composed of a cantilever placed on a vertical pole. It can be single-sided or double-sided. It is a good choice for long raw materials, ring-shaped raw materials, plates, pipe fittings and irregular goods storage. It is mostly used in the manufacturing industry of mechanical equipment and building materials supermarkets.