Storage shelves are widely used in the sales market

In summary, storage shelves are widely used in the sales market and are a kind of easy-to-use and versatile decorative art products. Practitioners in the window and door manufacturing industry are key to customizing the storage shelves of stainless steel plates and wrought iron accessories for customers. The iron frame made of stainless steel plate is durable, non-corrosive and beautiful. Possess strong artistic beauty of decorative design.


Discuss the practice separately and analyze from different angles.


The first is to make the solid geometry involved. It can be said that the basics of storage shelves are all cube-shaped geometric figures. Now that it is a cube, it certainly has the geometrical characteristics of equiangular, equilateral, and equilinear geometric figures. It is the key logical thinking surrounding the whole production process, and it is also a key link that must be implemented in the whole process of electric welding.


The second is the basic common sense of the basic laws involved in the production. People pay attention to the ergonomics involved in the entire production process of dining tables, refrigerators, and fully automatic washing machines used in people's daily lives. Ergonomics is convenient and convenient for people to use objects. The aspect ratio of a table is widely 60, 70, 80. That way, it is very convenient when we go to pick up items on the table. When designing the aspect ratio of the storage shelf, it is natural to consider the convenience of people. The total height is generally not easy to exceed the limit of the aspect ratio that people can touch. The aspect ratio of the first layer must also have a certain amount of space from the road surface.


People have noticed that many iron shelf products are not easy to let its lower surface directly touch the road surface. That is to maintain the product and reduce the friction between it and the road surface. The height-to-width ratio of the legs on the pavement is widely within 10. Non-special must generally not easy to be too high.


The third is the method of making key points of electric welding. For example, when we weld a rectangular frame structure by electric welding. In fact, people say that storage shelves are made up of many rectangular frames. People first weld the outer corners of the framework and embed the inner corners. The reliability of the structure after the outer corner connection is still very poor. After the external angle electric welding is performed, people use a ruler to measure the length of the two straight lines. The two internal angles that match the short line first are the two internal angles that exceed the oblique angle. This key point of electric welding has the practical effect of lengthening straight lines. In the final case of all electric welding welding, it is necessary to repeat the straight line.


Work experience is the top priority. After finishing the storage racks, check its quality. Master two points. One is that the specifications are accurate, and the other is that the two straight lines on each surface must be of equal length. The iron shelf products commonly used by people for food, clothing, housing and transportation can find the answer to any product quality problem. It is the key work experience for me to make a summary of hundreds of thousands of iron shelf products!