Basic structure and main use of tray shelves

The tray shelf structure is simple, trustworthy, can be adjusted, and will not be limited by the order information of the goods, and there are many types of items. The tray shelves have high torque, strong carrying capacity, strong impact resistance. The tray shelf is capable of being very large, and can be made substantially in the beam shelves, mold shelves, attic shelves, three-dimensional storage shelves, etc., can also be unique. Tray shelves can reasonably improve the storage aspect ratio of the warehouse and the space utilization of the warehouse.


The stand rod key of the tray shelves is connected by two vertical rods, traversal, ramp, and some screws. Such composition construction can reasonably avoid the placement panels caused by ground bolts. In general, the holes on the vertical rod are 75 mm or 50 mm, and there is a hole interval in which a different size is left, which is convenient to adjust the feed plate aspect ratio. The key to the load beam of the tray shelf is used to join the two vertical rods, and can also be used as a trailer. Therefore, under all normal conditions, the load capacity of the load beam is very strong, and the pressure is high, and the reliability is strong. After the support is supported, the load beam beam can ensure that the load beam is not easy to loosen and slipped.